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PalmID® Logbook

PalmID® Logbook

How It Works

PalmID Logbook is a touchless Time and Attendance solution with Access Control options. It provides seamless check-in/check-out experience and eliminates any possibility of fraud, reducing liability exposure for employers. A secure website presents wide options for setting up the environment and monitoring visitors activity. In addition, PalmID Logbook can be configured to control electronic door locks.

01. Registration – Personal Information

PalmID terminal in an (HR) office is set for registering visitors. An administrator adds a new visitor/employee information.

02. Registration – Biometrics

Upon completion, the visitor/employee enters their phone number in PalmID registration-enabled terminal and registers both palms.

03. Checking in/out

A register visitor/employee presents a palm to PalmID terminal and gets notified that Logbook record has been created.

04. Door Unlock (Optional)

Terminals may be connected to electronic locks of doors next to them. Alternatively, the PalmID Logbook backend may be connected to a centralized access control system.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

PalmID Advantages