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PalmID® is a user-friendly biometric authentication technology that brings a new level of security for digital devices with a camera (either RGB or IR).

  • A palm shows intention, a face shows presence.
  • Palm biometrics are highly reliable.
  • Palm biometrics respects the privacy of the user.
  • Palm biometrics are highly accurate.
  • Palm biometrics are inclusive.
  • Palm is extremely hard to spoof.


The human palm is a complex set of skin lines and creases that is unique enough to identify an individual

When a palm is placed in front of a camera from a distance of around six inches (15 cm) even a low-end camera such as ones already installed in phones, laptops and ATMs can capture the palm skin in great detail

Once captured the biometrics pipeline is a two stage process:
- The PalmID® Capture Module uses sophisticated machine vision techniques to turn the RGB video input stream into an authentication-ready palm image.
- The PalmID® Matching Module matches in real time the captured palm image against stored references. This process uses proprietary algorithms extensively tested against large datasets of palm images that ensure no false positives. Depending on the security model required, this process can be run on a remote server or locally

While there are other biometric options such as facial and fingerprint, your palm is by far the best biometric solution for the following reasons:

Security - Palm vein scan is more secure than other biometrics because it's never exposed.

Privacy - Since palm vein recognition is internal, it not only has significant security advantages but privacy advantages as well.

Accuracy - Since the palm has a larger surface area than the finger or iris, for example, the palm vein scanner is able to capture a larger number of data points. This gives it an accuracy advantage compared to other biometrics.

Reliability - Each person's palm vein pattern remains relatively stable throughout life, so the chance that a registered user will have to re-enroll in the future is very low.

Hygiene - Palm vein is contactless, meaning that you don't have to touch the sensor to scan your palm. To identify yourself, simply hover your hand over the scanner — no touch required.

It Works

The PalmID® system only stores encrypted biometric signatures and anonymous IDs. Customer information (including payment information) stays within the retailer’s system. Retailers and customers can trust us for data privacy and security.

Plug and play solution that is easy to integrate into the retailer’s existing system. Adding SaaS API to the retailer’s server only takes hours.

Use Cases

PalmID® meets the authentication needs for a wide range of markets, and is a high-performance solution for nearly any application with a standard camera. Among the many markets where PalmID is effective are:

Augmented/Virtual Reality
Log in while wearing a VR/AR headset simply by lifting your hand in front of your face
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IOT + Wearables
Add security to your interaction with connected devices without needing dedicated hardware
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Easy, secure and scalable payments with no cards, passwords, or pins
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Device Unlock
Next level security on today's phones, tablets, and laptops
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Enterprise Security
Mitigate the risks of a network breach
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More seemless touchless interactions for patients and service providers
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Omnichannel Banking
Secure banking from any device
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Keyless car entry and engine start. Solutions for shared cars access
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Access Control
Open doors touchlessly without keys, cards, or fobs
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Time and Attendance
Touchless and secure time keeping that can't be spoofed
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PalmID® benefits from an enormous market opportunity: with 600 million entry-level phones, 700 million desktops, laptops and tablets and 105 million AR/VR products devices in users' hands, the camera enabled device market is wide open for adopting palm based biometrics today. With an addition, 40 billion online transactions take place each year the need for enhanced security will continue to grow dramatically in next five years.

PalmID® is supported by a team with decades of experience in computer vision and biometrics.




Redrock Biometrics’ innovative PalmID solution is rapidly gaining market acceptance and adoption by organizations in a wide range of industries. Please check back for regular updates on development and industry coverage.



Redrock Biometrics’ innovative PalmID solution is rapidly gaining market acceptance and adoption by organizations in a wide range of industries. Please check back for regular updates on development and industry coverage.

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