Redrock and Epson MOVERIO Introduce First Biometric Authentication For Consumer Headset

Redrock Biometrics and Epson, a leading provider in AR headsets, are bringing PalmID to Epson's MOVERIO smart eyewear as the first biometric authentication solution for a consumer AR headset.

Unlock Your Palm.

Redrock Biometrics is the creator of PalmID®, the first palm-based, commercially-available solution that combines security, affordability and high-performance biometrics for virtually any device with a camera. PalmID is the first market-ready, and secure, palm-based biometric authentication solution.

Redrock Biometrics Announces Commercial Availability of PalmID® Solution at Money20/20

PalmID® is the first market-ready, and secure, palm-based biometric authentication solution. PalmID features enrollment portability and can be integrated into any device with an RGB or IR camera and CPU. It is ideal for a wide range of applications. Visit Us at Kiosk K64

Redrock Biometrics Joins the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator

The Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator is a hands-on program designed to advance startups that create solutions for enterprise customers – inside and outside the financial industry. Redrock Biometrics is one of just 17 companies invited to participate.


The use of biometrics for authentication has exciting possibilities in industries ranging from automotive to AR/VR, banking, e-commerce, wearables and more.

But, each industry has specific needs and specifications. To date, no single biometrics technology has been able to satisfy these differing needs and expectations. And, consumers have to enroll their finger, iris, face or palm for every device that uses biometrics for authentication.

What if there were a new biometric approach that met the security, convenience and reliability needs for many industries in one solution? And, what if consumers had to enroll just once and many devices would immediately recognize them?

That product exists today: PalmID from Redrock Biometrics!


The human palm is a large area with skin lines and creases at wide range on the spatial scale. When the palm is presented to a camera from a distance of six inches (15 cm) or more, many cameras already installed in devices such as phones, laptops and ATMs can capture the palm skin in great detail. These palm lines are highly unique.

The PalmID Capture Module uses sophisticated machine vision techniques to convert RGB video of the palm into a template for authentication. The PalmID Matching Module can run server side or locally. In just 10-100 milliseconds, it can match the authentication attempt against the enrollment template, using proprietary algorithms extensively tested against tens of thousands of palm images.


PalmID works on any device with a standard camera (resolution 0.3 megapixel or above). It converts the palm image to a unique signature that is, for all practical purposes, impossible to fake. Unlike modern face-recognition solutions, it doesn’t get stumped by different lighting conditions, and requires less light to function than produced by the average device screen! Even dirty hands and scars won’t prevent correct identification – as long as a portion of the palm lines are visible, the user can be accurately authenticated.

PalmID Authentication and Login Use Cases

PalmID meets the authentication needs for a wide range of markets, and is a high-performance solution for nearly any application with a standard camera. Among the many markets where PalmID is effective include:

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Secure log in made easy for touchless interfaces:

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  • Unlock AR/VR devices, seamlessly use connected services
  • Make purchases within games and/or experiences (VR)
  • Gain access to security-sensitive assets like drones or industrial knowledge bases for assembly, inspection, and maintenance (AR)

PalmID Advantages:

  1. Offers superior accuracy over face, eye, voice and fingerprint when user is wearing an AR/VR headset
  2. Eases access to devices: simply place a hand in front of the forward facing camera
  3. Improves ease of use, not reliant on keyboards, controllers or removing the headset

IOT + Wearables

Simplify setup, maintenance and access for connected devices:

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  • Manage access to connected homes and buildings
  • Provide easy, reliable log in for products such as home appliances, temperature controls, industrial HVACs, and vehicles
  • Create an audit trail of which employees have performed what activities

PalmID Advantages:

  1. Features compatibility with nearly any camera-equipped product
  2. Avoids the need to create user names and passwords for the dozens of devices workers and consumers interact with every day
  3. Improves on face or iris, which can’t address sign-in requirement of an expressed intention


Easy and secure payments with no cards, cash or pins:

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  • Integrate with the point-of-sale for in-store purchases and returns
  • Enable quick online or in-app purchases from any device
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer transactions

PalmID Advantages:

  1. Offers greater security than PIN and chip solutions
  2. Provides flexibility for users – not bank, device, or location specific
  3. Increases transaction speed and data protection

Device Unlock

Enhanced interaction with phones, tablets, laptops and other devices:

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  • Enable users to access devices, quickly, easily, reliably
  • Let users share biometric credentials across their devices
  • Offer the ability to add biometrics to any device with a camera

PalmID Advantages:

  1. Offers rapid, accurate authentication without adding more hardware, such as a fingerprint chip
  2. Lets users log in to any device with just a wave of the hand
  3. Provides enhanced security over face as palm images of a particular person are almost impossible to find online

Enterprise Security

Mitigate the risks of a network breach:

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  • Create an audit trail of which employees of accessed different types of information and hardware
  • Manage employee access to specific devices, locations, times and more
  • Ensure and document compliance with government regulations, such as Sarbanes Oxley

PalmID Advantages:

  1. Features Highly reliable sign in to protect critical information and assets
  2. Enables customization to manage specific access and functionality
  3. Gives employees an easy, reliable way to do their jobs


Better experience for patients and staff:

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  • Gain access to patient records and various shared devices such as laptops, MRI machines and others with a simple wave from medical staff
  • Limit the spread of germs by creating a touchless patient and staff check-in system
  • Streamline and link patient activity to EMR, such as when a patient enters a facility or authorizes treatment

PalmID Advantages:

  1. Helps ensure organizations remain in compliance with laws, such as HIPAA. Certified for medical use (EPCS).
  2. Offers ability to enroll medical staff once for full or partial access to facilities, devices and patient records
  3. Increases protection for highly confidential patient records

Omnichannel Banking

Ultra secure, easy and convenient sign-in for banking:

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  • Log in to online and mobile banking from PCs and mobile devices
  • Enable in-branch access to ATMS and other branch services

PalmID Advantages:

  1. Can be embedded in a banking website
  2. Provides the same experience across the whole spectrum of devices
  3. Eliminates the need for one-time passwords delivered by SMS and email


Easier vehicle access and control with no keys or fobs:

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  • Unlock/lock vehicle doors and compartments
  • Start the vehicle’s ignition
  • Grant and gain access to shared vehicles

PalmID Advantages:

  1. Secures vehicles using limited car computing resources
  2. Allows users to enroll once and be recognized by any cloud-connected vehicle and device
  3. Requires expressed intention unlike face or iris-based biometrics


PalmID benefits from an enormous market opportunity: with 600 million entry-level phones, 700 million desktops, laptops and tablets and 105 million AR/VR products devices in users’ hands. In addition, 40 billion online transactions take place each year. All of these numbers will continue to grow dramatically in next five years.

PalmID is supported by a team with decades of experience in computer vision and biometrics. The team has also created and built multiple startups and successfully guided their growth.

Kevin Horowitz

Kevin Horowitz


Kevin serves as the director of engineering. He is a machine learning expert with versatile experience in several engineering fields. Prior to Redrock, Kevin held engineering and management positions at Google and Leap Motion.

He earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California Berkeley.

Hua Yang, PhD

Hua Yang, PhD


Before co-founding Redrock Biometrics, Hua was the director of research at Leap Motion, a motion tracking/human computer interaction system, and held engineering position at Kitware, an open source computer graphics and imaging software company.

Hua earned a M.S. in Artificial Intelligence from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Lenny Kontsevich, PhD

Lenny Kontsevich, PhD


Lenny is a serial entrepreneur and co-founded Redrock Biometrics. His previous startups include KaChing!, a mobile coupon solution, and Cognisign, an image search engine company. He also held positions at LeapMotion, Cimbal, InPronto and Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute.

He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Chris Barnett

Chris Barnett


Chris serves as senior vice president of business development. He recently guided the growth and exit of three successful startups, including EyeVerify, where he assisted the company’s growth and acquisition by Ant Financial/Alipay; and Vlingo, which was acquired in 2012 by Nuance.

Chris earned a B.S. in Economic and Finance from Columbia University and an M.B.A. in Information Systems & Marketing from Loyola University.

Nikoloz Nikolaishvili

Nikoloz Nikolaishvili


Nikoloz is the director of product design. Prior, he was vice president of design at Something to Talk About Media LLC. Earlier, he was a UI/UX designer at KaChing! and a graphic designer at Kommersant newspaper.

He earned a M.S. in Systems Engineering from Moscow State Aviation Technological University.


Redrock Biometrics’ innovative PalmID solution is rapidly gaining market acceptance and adoption by organizations in a wide range of industries. Please check back frequently to read about new developments and coverage.