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PalmID® Pay

How It Works

PalmID® Pay is a biometric payment solution, which in many respects is similar to Amazon One, a palm payment solution deployed in Whole Foods. PalmID Pay uses a different to Amazon’s palm matching technology, which can operate on wide range of devices including tablets and phones. We collaborate with major financial institutions, which will be happy to provide their palm payment solutions based on our biometric technology. Alternatively, we can offer integration with popular payment providers such as Square or PayPal.
PalmID Pay enables contactless payments, connects customers to their loyalty programs, and revolutionizes shopping experience. By relying on cutting edge AI of PalmID matching algorithm, consumers can pay by showing their palm at checkout. There is longer a need to take out a credit card or search for a QR code on your phone.

01. Palm Scan

PalmID Terminal turns palm print and palm vein images into an encrypted biometric signature, then sends the signature to SaaS server.

02. Match Biometric Signature

PalmID SaaS matches the biometric signature with palm records in its database and sends the User ID of the matched record to a service that manages retailer’s transactions.

03. Retrieve Credit Card Token

The retailer’s transaction service retrieves a credit card token associated with that User ID and sends it with the transaction total to the payment gateway.

04. Execute Payment

Payment service provider charges the customer’ credit card account as if a physical credit card has been presented.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

PalmID Advantages