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PalmID® Token

PalmID® Token

How It Works

PalmID® Token is a patent pending solution, which is designed to dramatically improve user experience of existing membership or loyalty systems. Instead of carrying and scanning their loyalty/membership cards or typing in their phone numbers, users can simply show a palm and receive the service. Biometric information collected by PalmID® Token service is stored anonymously and users are in full control of their biometric information.

01. Plug PalmID Terminal to Existing System

Connect a PalmID terminal with an existing membership or loyalty system using a cable or a Bluetooth dongle.

02. Register Account ID into PalmID Terminal

A user presents a card to a PalmID terminal camera or manually types in a phone number. The account ID is captured.

03. Register Palms

A user registers palms by presenting them to the camera of a PalmID terminal. It creates an anonymous record that links user account ID with palm biometric signatures.

04. Enjoy the Biometrics-enabled Service

A registered user presents a palm to a PalmID terminal, which in turn sends the account ID to the existing membership or loyalty system, which follows its standard routine.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

PalmID Advantages