PalmID® SaaS

a XXI century replacement for paper logbooks

How it works

PalmID SaaS is a cloud service for palm-based biometrics using a visible light (VL) camera, or an infrared (IR) camera, or a combination of the two (VL+IR). A simple API allows phones, tablets, and PCs with cameras (including Windows Hello VL+IR modules) to be used as biometric scanning devices. A controlled lighting environment significantly improves consistency of the matching results. VL scan provides and estimated 100X better accuracy than an IR scan; using a combined VL+IR scanners produces an unmatched accuracy in the range of 1 per 1 trillion.

PalmID SaaS operates across multiple devices. For instance, a user can register on a smartphone using VL and then switch to a specialized VL-IR scanner.

As far as security is concerned, a high-resolution VL scan with controlled lighting is highly resistant to spoofing (Level 1 PAD detection), IR scan is an even better solution, and VL+IR is practically impossible to spoof.

  1. Sample code for modern platforms and devices (phones, tablets, PCs)
  2. Anonymized and encrypted template storage and matching
  3. Spoofing detection compliant with ISO/IEC 30107-3
  4. Performs 1:1 verification and 1:N large-scale identification tasks in real time
  1. Fast integration
  2. Can serve larger groups of people than other biometric modalities
  3. Touchless (unlike fingerprints)
  4. Sensitive to privacy concerns (cannot be used for surveillance unlike face)
  5. No skin-tone, age, or gender biases
  1. This service can be used in any application that requires biometric verification and identification at large scale across different devices
  2. Smart city
  3. IoT

PalmID SaaS

Cloud-based service for PalmID



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