PalmID® Access Control

replaces RFID and NFC cards with palm biometrics

How it works

Currently companies are using RFID and NFC cards for access control. The problem is the are not secure: they can be stolen or willingly passed by owner to another person. Additionally, their maintenance is costly. Biometrics is the best solution for access control. The question becomes which biometric modality is best? Facial biometrics is considered as “privacy-invasive” (used for surveillance) and fingerprint sensors transfer germs. Palm biometrics is the ideal biometric modality for making access control friendly, secure, and contactless.

  1. Tablets and scanners with visible spectrum and infrared sensors to capture palm print and palm vein individual patterns
  2. Easy integration with IAM systems
  3. Visitor’s temperature measurement (optional)
  4. PalmID® SaaS for anonymized and encrypted template storage and matching
  5. Combines palm images in visible and infrared spectra to provide unbeatable accuracy and security
  6. Spoofing detection is compliant with ISO/IEC 30107-3
  1. Contactless (unlike fingerprints)
  2. Sensitive to privacy concerns (cannot be used for surveillance, unlike facial)
  3. No skin-tone, age, or gender biases
  4. Can serve larger groups of people than other biometric modalities
  1. Building access
  2. Office access
  3. Parking access

PalmID SaaS

Cloud-based service for PalmID



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