PalmID® Logbook

Redrock Biometrics’ innovative PalmID solution is rapidly gaining market acceptance and adoption by organizations in a wide range of industries. Replaces RFID and NFC cards with palm biometrics.

Biometric Authentication

How It Works

PalmID® Logbook replaces paper logbook journals for visitor registration. On the first visit, a visitor enters standard information (name, phone, organization, a person to see), registers palms, and on all subsequent visits, registration is done by displaying the visitor’s palms. This solution is meant to be used on company premises, construction sites, doctors’ offices, etc.

The company that uses the Logbook is provided with a secure web-based admin website where the company admins may review the visitors’ history per company, a specific site, or a specific visitor.

The registration devices can be easily re-assigned from one site to another. These devices can perform body temperature measurement and deny visitors with fever.



Tablets and scanners with visible spectrum and infrared sensors to capture palm print and palm vein patterns

A secure admin website

Visitor’s temperature measurement (optional)

PalmID® SaaS for anonymized and encrypted template storage and matching

Combines palm images in visible and infrared spectra to provide unbeatable accuracy and security

Spoofing detection is compliant with ISO/IEC 30107-3



Powerful And Flexible

PalmID-X’s speed and flexibility stem from two key features:


Touchless (Unlike Fingerprints)


Sensitive to Privacy Concerns (cannot be Used for Surveillance, Unlike Facial)


No Skin-Tone, Age, or Gender Biases


Can Serve Larger Groups of People Than Other Biometric Modalities



Download Logbook app. You must contact Redrock Biometrics to receive a device and set up your cloud.

Construction sites

Equipment/supply yards

Office buildings

Professional offices

Cloud-based service


A XXI century replacement for paper logbooks. PalmID SaaS is a cloud service for palm-based biometrics using a visible light (VL) camera, or an infrared (IR) camera, or a combination of the two (VL+IR). A simple API allows phones, tablets, and PCs with cameras (including Windows Hello VL+IR modules) to be used as biometric scanning devices. A controlled lighting environment significantly improves consistency of the matching results. VL scan provides and estimated 100X better accuracy than an IR scan; using a combined VL+IR scanners produces an unmatched accuracy in the range of 1 per 1 trillion.

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