library for integrating PalmID

How it works

PalmID SDK is Redrock Biometrics’ core technology solution. PalmID SDK is a highly optimized software that runs Redrock Biometric’s proprietary computer-vision algorithms on all major platforms: iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows.

PalmID SDK has two components: the capture module and the matching module. The capture module captures the palm image, and the matching module authenticates the user’s image against the stored images for authorized users. The two modules can run on the same device (standalone version), or the matching module can reside on a server (server version).

Integrating PalmID SDK into other applications is easy, usually taking just a few days to complete. Redrock Biometrics provides sample code for UI in Android and Windows to further simplify the integration.

  1. Highly tolerant to palm presentation geometry: 0.5 to 2 feet distance, 360 deg in-plane rotation, yp to 30 deg out of plane rotation
  2. Tolerant to low lighting (10 lux), oblique light, bright background
  3. Matches dirty, greasy, scarred, flat ,and half-closed palms
  4. Spoofing detection compliant with ISO/IEC 30107-3
  1. Touchless
  2. Privacy friendly (cannot be used for surveillance)
  3. No skin-tone, age, or gender biases
  1. On-device verification consistent with FIDO
  2. Cross-device verification
  3. Account recovery

PalmID SaaS

Cloud-based service for PalmID



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