Redrock Biometrics’ innovative PalmID solution is rapidly gaining market acceptance and adoption by organizations in a wide range of industries. Please check back frequently to read about new developments and coverage.

Cloud Based Version

PalmID SDK Solution

PalmID-X is a cloud-based version of our flagship PalmID SDK solution and can be used to authenticate a virtually unlimited number of users. With PalmID-X, each customer has their own dedicated cloud resources. Customers can create their own client application or customize the one provided by Redrock Biometrics. Simple!


Powerful and Flexible

PalmID-X’s speed and flexibility stem from two key features:


Metadata Search

Palm templates can be linked with various types of metadata, such as name, phone, location, account ID, or even the user’s selfie. The initial metadata search reduces the pool of candidates to a manageable number, which can then be processed more quickly by the palm-matching algorithm.


RAM-Based Templates

PalmID templates can also be uploaded to RAM, which increases matching speed by about 100 times.

Cloud-based service


A XXI century replacement for paper logbooks. PalmID SaaS is a cloud service for palm-based biometrics using a visible light (VL) camera, or an infrared (IR) camera, or a combination of the two (VL+IR). A simple API allows phones, tablets, and PCs with cameras (including Windows Hello VL+IR modules) to be used as biometric scanning devices. A controlled lighting environment significantly improves consistency of the matching results. VL scan provides and estimated 100X better accuracy than an IR scan; using a combined VL+IR scanners produces an unmatched accuracy in the range of 1 per 1 trillion.

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