PalmID® X

an identification platform with dedicated hardware

How it works

PalmID X is the next frontier for biometric technology. PalmID X is a large-scale identification platform capable for handling payments. Payment processing is a daunting task because biometrics must deliver unheard-of accuracy, speed, and resistance to spoofing. PalmID X is the leader in this space.

PalmID X features superior accuracy by capturing palm images in visible light (VL) and infrared (IR) spectra, which brings 1:1 matching accuracy to the order of 1 per a trillion. For an example, Apple Face ID claims 1 per 1 million accuracy.

PalmID X is extremely difficult to spoof presenting a replica of a palm: it must have right appearance both in VL and IR spectra. Such solutions as Microsoft’s Windows Hello® and Fujitsu’s PalmSecure®, use only IR spectrum.

  1. VL+IR palm scanners and PalmID SaaS backend
  2. Cross-device operation: a user can register on a phone (VL only) and then start using scanners with VL+IR spectra
  3. Spoofing detection compliant with ISO/IEC 30107-3
  4. Identification for up to 100,000 users
  1. Easy account recovery and migration between devices
  2. User can delete own biometric templates at any moment (GDPR requirement)
  1. Point-of-sale terminals
  2. Large-scale access control (plants, airports, venues, etc.)
  3. Hospitality (hotels, resorts, casinos)
  4. Vending machines

PalmID SaaS

Cloud-based service for PalmID



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